Chrix Design Nerdy creator and cosplayer

Isabela cospfrom Dragon Age 2ly

Hello, I'm Chrix

"Software tester by day, costume maker by night."

Most of my life I have been very creative and a little "know it all". This evolved me into being a science and video game nerd as well as I loved to sew my own Barbie clothes. In the end I ended up getting my Masters degree in Industrial design engineering in 2010. During my time at University I got to work a lot in the school workshop building mock ups and prototypes and I totally loved that hands on work <3


I exploited every occasion to dress up (did someone say costume party?) and loved making more and more original costumes. I didn't hear about cosplay until 2011, where had it been all my life! All the friends I got with the same passions for games, costumes, craft, video games, but everyone so unique :) 


After this I had no more spare time, there was always a costume to build a tutorial to write and new friends to meet. 

IMG_3177 x3.jpg
The very first cosplay project, the Portal Gun from the video game portal

My first cosplay was Chell from Portal, simply because I wanted a Portal Gun in my living room, and back in 2010 you couldn't just buy one. And I still have it on display in my living room. And during the summer of 2017 I even met Ellen McLian, the voice of Glados. It took all I had not not to be a total fangirl (just a littlebit). And she was truly amazing and nice to talk too :)

One of the reasons I love cosplay so much is the community. Everyone is sharing knowledge, being encouraging and genuinely lovely. To give back to this community (world wide) I blog about how I make all my costumes and thereby sharing absolutely everything I learn. I am thinking of creating a patreon (I actually have a draft from way before cosplayers even knew what patreon was). But I didn't want the information to be only available to to those who paid. So now I'm thinking of something in the style Kamui does, everything is still open source, but funds goes back into elevating my craft. 

My niche is using "trash" as my main building material, old pizza boxes, soda cans and leftover fabrics. Stay tuned for my upcoming book about this topic. 

You might say the cosplay community is like a big family, but I actually have family that's into cosplay. Let me introduce my sister, Bettcanard Design. I asked her to join me for a cosplayevent back in 2011 and she begrudgingly said yes to attend. Now she studies MUA and SFX design, so safe to say she loved it. We even got to represent Norway together in the Nordic Cosplay Championship in 2017 (so proud of her).


Our mom is also amazing. First off because she let us make a mess of her living room when we are crafting over at her place and second because she often calls me when the craft store has a sale on "blood packs" after Halloween... In case I needed to stock up. 

But mostly I work on my cosplays  in my workshop, which is a maker space in Oslo where I rent a desk space. Here I have access to laser cutters, 3D printers, spray booths, wood and metal workshop. And it is open for anyone to come work there for free ;) check out Bitraf.