Cosplay on a budget

At the beginning of 2017 I came over a challenge where every month you would be presented with a theme and to be challenged to make a cosplay within the theme spending only 100 NOK/ 10 EUR /10 USD on new materials. 

This is a great way to show what can be done with limited resources and a lit of creativity. For more information see Martini's workshop.

Since I have been making cosplay since 2011 I have quite a large collection of wigs, fabrics and costume parts which gives me an advantage.

Also I'm interpreting the rules a little as I want, after all I'm making these costumes for myself and only for fun. So closet cosplay, costests and maybe going a little bit over budget is ok in my book. Also the cosplay does not have to be finished within the month of the given theme, after all I need an event or opportunity to wear my new costumes :)

The themes for the challenge:

January - Disney

February - DC Comics

March - Space

April - BOTH Marvel and Alice in Wonderland

May - Studio Ghibli

June - Pokemon

July - Body/facepaint

August - TV series

September - The year 2000

October - Monsters

November - Original character inspired from the Kitchen

December - Star Wars

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