Nerdeportalen Cosplay 

I am happy to announce that I am part of Nerdeportalen Cosplay. 


What is that you ask? Nerdeportalen is a Norwegian retailer, they sell nerdy clothes and cosplay supplies. As they are very engaged with the cosplay community they offered to set up a print shop with their stand when they were present at different conventions, from there it only grew. Nerdeportalen Cosplay is a cooperation between several cosplayers, photographers and Nerdeportalen themselves. 

Together we want to offer more back to the community by offering workshops, photo shoots, panels etc. And this means we have taken print sales a step further. It is not easy for a small cosplayer as myself to set up a shop by my own, and definitely not worth it in case of return of investment. 

So I present to you our international print shop. is the place to visit if you live in Norway.