Over the years I have made several costumes inspired by Christmas, winter solace and Yule. Most of them are created for the annual Pub Crawl with my colleagues. Can't wait to show you this years fun shenanigans.  

Baby Krogan
Baby Krogan
Big Daddy
Big Daddy
Overwatch Logo
Symmetra Turret
Overwatch Eggs
Studio Ghibli
My neighbour Totoro
Princess Mononoke
No face (Spirited Away)
Mini Studio Ghibli
Planet Express (Futurama)
Planet Express (Futurama)
Music Box Anastasia
Protoss Pylon (StarCraft)
Zerg Egg (StarCraft)
Fallout Eggs
Reactor Egg
Reactor Egg
Radioactive Egg
Radioactive Egg
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