To show how I make some of my costumes I make short YouTube videos, these include makeup tutorials, showcasing cosplays and demonstrating how the mechanics of a complex costume works. You can find all my videos on my YouTube Channel.

Diablo 3 Wizard cosplay performance

Here's a short video of my cosplay performance at Desucon Cosplay and Japan 2017. I won first place with this Wizard cosplay. Tutorials on how the costume was made will be available on my blog soon Blog:


Sombra cosplay performance (NCC 2017)

During the 2017 Summer I participated in the Nordic Cosplay Championship (NCC) an international competition between the Nordic countries (Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) The performance part of the competition is broadcasted live on television (SVT2) They own the footage sound is from the animated short "Infiltration" by Blizzard . Sombra costume and stage props is by me, see for tutorials. Karin Olava as Katya Volskaya

Adjutant makeup tutorial (StarCraft 2)

This video shows how I put on my makeup for my Adjutant cosplay from StarCraft 2. 

The makeup used in this movie is:
- pros aide medical grade adhesive
- Kryolan Transparent Powder
- White Creme makeup
- Kryolan Silver Grease Based Meup 
- Black water based makeup
- Eye shadow, different shades of grey and black
- black eyeliner
- false eyelashes
- Kryolan fixing spray
- The forehead application was premade by me, cast in gelatin. 

Mercy's staff from Overwatch (build)

Here's finally the video of how I made mercy's staff, or at least I try to explain how I made the staff spin in both directions as it does in the trailer. More information on electronics as well as a tutorial on how I built the rest of the staff, see here:

And this is how I built the wings:

For other tutorials on the Mercy cosplay see here:

The music in this video is by Position Music - Vengeance (Epic Dark Electronic Hybrid Rock):

Red Queen Makeup (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice is 150 years old this year and I really wanted to make a Red Queen costume. And I thought, why not show you how I did the makeup :)

Costume tutorial on my blog:

Music is by Shinedown - Her Name is Alice

Cosplay Hacks - Automatic Crossbow for Demon Hunter Diablo 3

Earlier this year I made a Demon Hunter Cosplay from Diablo 3 and I really wanted to have a crossbow that opened automatically to bring on stage. 

Cosplay Hacks - Detachable horns for cosplay (Demon Hunter)

For my Demon Hunter cosplay from Diablo III, I needed to be able to pack everything into one suitcase. Because of that I had to make some parts modular. Here I show you how to take on and off the different horns on the costume. 

My Transistor Sword speaks

A short video showing the effect of the voice and sound reacting lights of my Transistor sword from the Game with the same name. 

Tutorial for how I built the sword here:

Grinch makeup tutorial

Here I present a silent movie by Chrix and Bettcanard - two sisters putting on makeup to look like the Grinch. Not very informative, but we had a lot of fun.

Facebook Bettcanard:

Music: Musique pour films muets - Silent movie music (

Makeup Tutorial for Effie Trinket (Closet Cosplay)

I realized I had a blazer that could easily be worn by Effie, and after gathering a wig and some other clothes I had to put on an Effie style makeup ;)

More photos here:

Song is Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat

Fallout Character Makeup Tutorial

A video just for fun, showing how I applied my Fallout Makeup and explore a few different Hairstyles. 

Thumbnail photo is taken by Conwant Cosplay and Art:

Music is Easy Living by Billie Holiday:

Arachne Queen of Spiders Makeup

This is the makeup for an original character I made for Halloween, with a very fast demo of how I applied it. 

You can see the tutorial for how the gelatin appliance and costume elements were made here:

The music is by Brandon Fiechter

1920 Flapper costume by Chrix Design

Add Video Info 1 here

Add Video Info 2 here

Add Video Info 3 here

It was suggested on my facebook page that I should make a Flapper look (1920 style girl). So of course I took that as a challenge to complete it within 24 hours of when I was notified. 

So here it is, a super fast video showing how I made the headband, makeup and general look. 

See more photos on facebook

Emily Dishonored Makeup Tutorial

Aria T'Loak Makeup Tutorial

This is a video showing how I put on my Aria T'Loak makeup. In the end is a short catwalk with a few fellow Asari, from left Mette Stigen as Aria, Karin Olava as Peebee (Andromeda) me as Aria and Tonje as an Asari Commando.

Tutorial for how to make the latex headpiece here:

Tutorial for the full costume here:

Purgatory Soundtrack from Mass Effect 3
Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Kill Bill OST) - Arranged

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