Second place at Spillexpo
03.11.2019 I won second place in the Cosplay Masters at Spillexpo
Halloween at the hospital
31.10.2019 Several cosplayers dressed up for the Halloween party at Rikshospitalet.
DC Bomshells
06.10.2019 The DC Bombshell Calendar is live and we are so proud of the result
2019-10-05 14.38.04
05.10.2019 EvenfixitVolt and I won the couple contest at Banzaicon as Bride Sombra and Pumpkin Reaper
2019-08-11 19.59.57
11.08.2018 I won an honorable mention for my Blue Poem Book at the Great Prop Off at Torucon
2019-08-11 10.36.39
11.08.2019 My sister Bettcanard and I won the couple contest at Torucon as Grandmother and Anastasia
My sister is Nordic champion
27.07.2019 My sister Bettcanard won first place in the Nordic Cosplay Championship and I got to wear my new Asari cowl
Princesses at the Hospital
27.06.2019 Teaming up with Superherogirl to cheer up the Children at Rikshospitalet
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13.05.2019 I finally got to do a Disneybound in Disneyland <3 Casual Cinderella in Tokyo
Endgame premiere
24.04.2019 I was hired to cosplay as Gamora at the Endgame premiere together with these lovely cosplayers
Game of Thrones event
15.04.2019 Red carpet event for the GoT premiere. Bettcanard and I made 4 Walker armors, and I made a Cersei cosplay for myself.
Amazing Trophy
06.10.2018 As the winner of the Masters Category at Banzaicon I won this amazing trophy made by the extremely talented Stickweed
First place with Symmetra
06.10.2018 I won first place at Banzaicon with my Symmetra cosplay. I love this cosplay so much and full tutorial is coming soon
The Blue Poem Book
28.08.2018 I finished one of the coolest props I have ever made. I am so pleased with how this looks and can't wait to publish a tutorial on how to make it
Mass Effect wins
12.08.2018 My sister won first place and my amazing friend Karin Olava won second at Torucon. This means I will go to NCC as my sisters assistant nesxt year
Life is Stange Photoshoot
04.07.2018 I had the most amazing photoshoot with Rojano Photo. We walked around Oslo centrum taking puctures in the parks and by the river.
Easter Egg Winners
02.04.2018 The winners of this years easter eggs have been drawn. For more Easter Egg inspiration check out the Egg album :)
The 2018 Easter Eggs
21.03.2018 The theme for this years Easter Eggs is Overwatch. Giveaway will go live this weekend.
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Happy New Years
31.12.2017 Here are most of the costumes I made during 2017. Next year I hope to learn much more and try a lot of new things.
Bubble Star Review
20.11.17 So there's a new rival in town and it is Bubblestar. This is a thermoplastic is close in appearance to worbla. It is very good for molding, read the full review here
SpillExpo Cosplay winners
12.11.17 I entered the cosplay competition at Spillexpo and won first place with my Sombra cosplay. I did a small performance too , that I hope someone filmed. And a huge congrats to Carris Cosplay for winning second and Superhero Girl Creations for winning third. #Highfive photo by Louise.and
SpillExpo 2017
11.11.17 This year the group Nerdeportalen Cosplay has a goal of making the best cosplay content at SpillExpo ever. We have panels, workshops, photo studio, Art stands, print sale and demos all weekend. And SpillExpo has huge pizes in the cosplay competition, which I will try out for :)
Nerdeportalen Cosplay
08.11.17 I am happy to announce that I am part of Nerdeportalen Cosplay which is a cooperation between several cosplayers, photographers and Nerdeportalen themselves. Together we want to offer more back to the community by offering workshops, photo shoots, panels etc.
Halloween 2017
This year I finally got a chance to really celebrate Halloween, with decorations, closet cosplay warm ups and my very own party. So after 4 events I'm now happy to say Halloween is over for my part. Let's look forward to Yule preparations.
Testing Crystal Art - Review
I got a sample of crystal Art to see how it compares to Polymorph. I also did the test with plain hot glue to really see the quality differece. Click here to read m ore about the results.
Halloween at the Children's Ward
26.10.17 Nille sponsored candy, costumes and decorations for the Halloween event at the Children's Ward at Rikshospitalet. And a group of cosplayers including myself were invited to bring life to the party. We danced, handed out candy and took pictures with the kids.
I'll represent Norway in EuroCosplay
21.10.17 I competed at the Cosplay Championship at Desucon: Cosplay and Japan with my Diablo 3 Wizard and I won first place! I'm so happy I'm still shaking ^_^ This also means I get the chance to represent Norway in EuroCosplay. I have started thinking about what I want ot make for this competition, but no definite plans yet. Read more her.
Cosplay second hand market
07.10.17 I hosted the second "Cosplay Second hand market". This is a free event where you can sel old costumes, fabric, comics etc. It was a huge success, several hundred people showed up. I will host the next one around March 2018
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