The Blue poem Book
The Blue Poem Book from Hellboy II (used be Princess Nuala)
Runestaff of Nordrassil
Commission for Noroff
Lady Sif Sword
Replica of Lady Sif's sword from Thor
Sombra's Machine Gun
Replica of Sombra's Machine Pistol with integrated lights and smoke machine
Sombra's Golden Gun
Replica of Sombra's Machine Pistol - Golden version
Rohan inspired helmet
This helmet was built as a demonstration, with pegasus and Rohan as inspiration
The Sword from the Transistor game
Hobby Horse
Mercy wings
Elvish Staff
Regal Crown
Demon Hunter Helmet
Skyrim Steel Battle Axe
Fallout Laser Rifle
Bioshock Splicer Mask
Demon Hunter Crossbow
Portal Gun
Dovahkin Helmet
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