The Erring Sisters

We are The Erring Sisters, Christina and Elisabeth. Cosplay, crafting and costumes has been our shared passion since we were kids  and we thought it was about time we joined forces. We will work together to produce books, tutorials and commissions within SFX makeup, costuming, prop etc. To start it of we are planning to make our first collaboration costume, where Elisabeth will make casting of the armor parts and Christina will sew the rest. In addition we also have  team cosplay plans in the making, stay tuned. 

Elsa og Anna.jpg

We have both been working with cosplay as a hobby since 2011 and want to take it to the next level together. 

- Elisabeth has a bachelor in SFX Makeup (Mask and Hair design) from Westerdals in Oslo with focus on makeup appliances, molding and casting. 

- Christina has a master in industrial design and works a lot with prop making in a workshop in Oslo (Bitraf) and gaining new skills within sewing. She has also published a book about cosplay for beginners.

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